For over 100 years, Olds Agricultural Society has been one of those organizations that town and country folk both participate in. And now it has evolved into the Olds Regional Exhibition.
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Sponsor Partership Package

Thank you for your consideration of Year Round Sponsorship of Olds Regional Exhibition. Your contribution will serve to achieve our mutual goals of business advertisement and event support. Sponsors are a vital asset to ORE's ever expanding and progressing event portfolio. ORE's newly enhanced Cow Palace venue will see the growth of diversified events including concerts, training and hospitality.

The 2023 Sponsorship Program was designed to specifically meet objectives of promoting your business in an effective manner year round that will be highly visible to our thousands of diverse local, national and international competitors and visitors. ORE appreciates that you are committed to certain events or demographics and we look forward to tailoring your sponsorship in ways that best showcase your objectives and provide measurable return on your investment. ORE understands and appreciates all of our sponsor's continued commitment to community, education, youth and agriculture.

We pay special tribute to the sponsors of our many events, and encourage our online and off-line guests to visit their websites, and consider our partners when making their purchasing decisions.

Cow Palace Presented by Big Rack Renals. Photo by Grant Rolston.

The source of agriculture, youth, community and agribusiness since 1899.

Please click here to see our Partnership Package for Sponsors. Thank you for your support.


Click here for a list of our proud sponsors. Please visit any of their websites, and consider these businesses when making your purchasing decisions.

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ORE is mandated to welcome the future with a genuine commitment to being sustainable in financial security, ag-industry leadership, and community vitality. OLDS REGIONAL EXHIBITION | Box 3751, Olds Alberta Canada T4H 1P5
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Links - We pay special tribute to the sponsors of our many events. Please visit any of these websites, and consider these businesses when making your purchasing decisions.   Besides a great campground in town right across from the Exhibition Grounds, there are good hotels and motels in town, and in the surrounding region.   Click here to use the Google Map to the Exhibition Grounds in Olds.

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